Here you'll find some of my favourite images taken recently. I'd like to thank all who have supported and helped me grow my portfolio & who have hired me. From offering advice or hire of equipment, to publishing images or allowing and trusting me to shoot on your stages, at your events and in your venues. 

Thanks to: Brighton Music Conference - Encapsulated Energy - The Crypt/BatnBee Hastings - Code South FM - This_is - British Airways i360 - Brighton Loves Jungle - Wax WorX Music - International DJ Mag - Freebass - Concorde 2 - The Arch - Volks - Sheradon Dublin Photography - Cathy Whatever - Big Jam Studios - Distant Planet - Lens Pimp - Claire Viva - Let The Music Take You

If you would like to see more of my work, order prints or discuss with me any up and coming events or projects then I look forward to hearing from you. Marty

David Morales